The Kenner Chain Wall precast concrete foundation provides a structurally sound, on-grade or elevated modular foundation to support your prefabricated shelter or equipment building.  The patented design expedites installation and can avoid potential time delays due to weather, quality control issues in the field and additional costs associated with cast-in-place or galvanized steel platform alternatives.  Kenner Chain Walls are custom made to fit various shelter sizes and elevation requirements and can be delivered anywhere in the continental United States.

Kenner Chain Wall is a patented product and the mark “Kenner Chain Wall” is a trademark of Kenner Innovative Design Systems, LLC.

Our partner, Forterra Building Products, offers you the strength and resources of the largest pipe and precast concrete manufacturer in North America.

Kenner Innovative Design Systems, LLC


Precast Concrete Foundations or Flood Protection Platforms

- Modular Units / Installed in Minutes!

​- Expedite Schedule / Save on Cost

TO PUT IT SIMPLY .... precast concrete foundations that:

  • virtually eliminate weather delays
  • eliminate concrete pours, forms, etc.
  • act as a platform & foundation in one
  • can be installed the same day as your shelter or other structures

Available for:  On-Grade or Elevated, Seismic or Non-Seismic Applications

MULTIPLE INDUSTRIES - Used in Telecom, Oil & Natural Gas, Transportation, Energy, Law Enforcement, Radio, and Emergency Services

USES -  Our precast foundations will support many of your foundation needs for equipment shelters, cabinets, generators, fuel tanks, and other structures.