• All Custom made to your specifications
  • ​On-grade and elevated applications
  • Common sizes:  L = Up to 32 ft (or end to end longer)      

​​                                         W = Up to 14.5 ft (or side by side wider)

                                         H = 6 in to 8 ft AGL (or stackable to 20 ft+ AGL)

  • ​Accommodates standard buildings 18 ft., 20 ft. & 28 ft
  • Available on-grade, elevated, or double elevated
  • Seismic designs available
  • Will Build to Suit - just ask​


  • One crane installs both the chain wall foundation & shelter
  • Virtually no weather delays
  • Eliminates the need for forms, concrete pours & curing time
  • ​Foundation and platform all in one
  • Delivered to your site as a finished foundation
  • Expedites inspection and permit process
  • Minimal site preparation
  • Minimal labor required
  • Higher quality control
  • Generator decks and pads, stairway footings, landing pads and door stoops are also available
  • Single day installation


Our precast foundations will support many of your foundation needs for equipment shelters, generators, fuel tanks, cabinets, and other prefabricated structures.


Precast Concrete Flood Protection Platforms

- Installed in Minutes!

​- Expedite Schedule / Save on Cost

Kenner Innovative Design Systems, LLC